Escobarlee is genuinely on a mission to educate everyone about the methods that can be used in winning the battle for acquiring financial freedom. Lee considers the people engaged in becoming financially secure as soldiers and to arm them with The Wealth of Ethics. He wants to make these people Rich Soldier. Rich Soldier is actually a book written by Escobarlee. It is a book that possesses a very unapologetic and straightforward approach towards gaining financial wealth and it applies for everyone whether civilian or military.

EscobarleeAbout Escobarlee and His Wealth of Ethics

Escobarlee is in the genuine sense, a multi-millionaire industrialist, an investor into the real estate and a business owner who has this capability of teaching others the ways of becoming financially independent. He teaches his very exclusive set of wealth-building and foundational principles which are known as The Wealth of Ethics. Escobarlee in reality or truthfully is Lee Escobar, as the name goes, he basically travels throughout the United States in the form of a national trainer in real estate investing. Lee’s website is called

Real Estate Investment- Some Considerations put forward by Escobarlee

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that investing in the field of real estate is a lucrative method of creating a number of income streams through different sources. However, this is possible only if an individual possesses utmost patience and remains very careful with the type of real estate investment that he or she makes. There are some very basic things that Escobarlee has laid down as important considerations for the real understanding of real estate investment. These considerations are genuinely the tips and the tricks that will help you in making your real estate investment a successful business where you can achieve all your goals. Escobarlee’s tips and tricks on real estate investment have been provided below:

Avoid Spending your Money without Conducting a Thorough Research

For beginners into the field of real estate investment, it is mandatory to possess an intimate understanding and knowledge of neighborhoods where they look forward to invest. Things like rental rates, commercial traffic and security are factors that will help you in making your investment real success. Therefore, individuals should take their time to understand and learn the market environment. This is not merely for the purpose of price gains but even for property quality and rent stability in the market that is being considered.

Real Estate Investment is always an Important Segment of a Common Financial Plan

There are some things that might be required for making good investments in the real estate field. Such things include spending, budgeting, people management and tax advice and tips. Your real estate investment can turn out to be a very rewarding goal based on the financial plan that you have. But it is important for the investment to suit your short and long term goals and even your strategies.

Be very Careful when Entering the Foreclosure and Pre-Foreclosure Markets

In tough markets or losing economy, it is not wise to be misled to think that making investments in foreclosures is quite an easy thing to do. Dedication, patience and sufficient time are required to be very good at the pros and the cons along with the details of making successful investments in foreclosures. You must keep in mind that you will be coming into the contact of people who will be losing their homes for their entire life span. It is to be noted that making investments in foreclosures and pre-foreclosures is not the cup of tea for people who are very weak at their heart.

Home Ownership is in No Ways Real Estate Investment

You should be very clear about the real definition of Investment. Investment is the money that you put into something that is sellable at the correct time without the least hesitation. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that a home possesses both emotional and physical ties thus making is very difficult for the owner to sell it off. Therefore, it is essential for you to be very clear about the difference between real estate investment and home ownership. These are some considerations that have been put forward by Escobarlee.

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