Tabitha Nelson

Hi my name is Tabitha Nelson and I am into Logic investment and I have been trying to invest in real estate department for the last year… a year and a half and I am feeling miserable at it because I believe that I was lacking in education and also because I was trying to do everything by myself. I went to Lee Escobar’s 3-day basic training and it really changed my life. I have been there and I saw the mistakes I was making very clearly and…and also I saw that I couldn’t do anything on my own and I needed to change that mentality. We had a saying and it is go big or go home, and I definitely went there because I certainly was not going home. I have had a dream and drive to be wealthy so as to be the provider of my family for many, many years and I was determined that I was gonna find it and finally when I met up with Lee and went through this training I knew that I had finally found one of these things. Lee has the heart of a teacher, in being that he is willing to answer any questions, he cheers you on because he is really happy to see you successful. Lee, keep doing what you are doing you 100% have my motivation. Congratulations and good luck.

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